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Case study - fitted wardrobe and another satisfied customer!  photo

Case study - fitted wardrobe and another satisfied customer!

Published - 26 Jan 2016
We were as delighted as the customer was with the end result on a recent challenging but really rewarding job we did. 
What was interesting about this one was that the customer asked for a bespoke, made to order fitted wardrobe with traditional hinged doors, but with a modern twist! They also asked for a bespoke dressing table to go with their wardrobe. 
As an additional request, this had to fit into a lovely bay window area in their room. 
We knew that in this case the customer was keen to have as much hanging space as physically possible. Equally, they wanted to have some double drawers along the bottom of the wardrobe, so that items could be accessed easily when they were in a hurry. 
We were able to get to work on the designs for this project as soon as the colour had been chosen. In this case, the customer decided to go for a stony grey matte finish for a smart, elegant and rather restrained look. 
There are four different wardrobe units, three above drawers and one floor to ceiling, so that this customer has all the hanging, folding and storage space they could possibly want. 

We knew that sleek didn’t have to mean dull, though. This customer's Sliding Wardrobes World wardrobe would, we knew, look even better with a little sparkle! So we added LED lights from Sensio Lighting, a company we’ve partnered with before and which is well-established in providing LED lighting to the domestic market. 
At the same time, a PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor was added to turn these lights on automatically. And, of course, the wardrobe has our trademark hinged doors so that the doors are not cluttered with handles. 

For the dressing table, we gave it a half circle shape, with drawers on each side giving the customer even more storage space, as well as an extra handy drawer in the middle of the unit. There’s plenty of space for sitting up at the dressing table as well, and nine drawers in total. 

The table was cut with a CNC machine and spray painted for a seamlessly smart finish. We also covered the whole of the top surface of the dressing table with a layer of glass. This was then painted in the same finish. 
Both items of furniture were styled to suit the rest of the room they were designed for, which had muted colours including a grey wallpapered wall and carpets were added later.

The overall effect is highly contemporary, elegant and tasteful, and we know this customer was delighted with the way we transformed their bedroom, and the way we took into account all their specific requirements to create an end result that was truly what they wanted, and which matched the existing décor so well. 
We could do the same for your bedroom, too. Talk to us today about what you need, and we’ll be delighted to help, whatever you need.