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Bedrooms are for more than just sleeping photo

Bedrooms are for more than just sleeping

Published - 02 May 2017
When we think of a bedroom, the obvious purpose of the space is as a place for us to sleep, however for some people a bedroom is much more than that. A bedroom can provide a place to relax, a private sanctuary to retreat to after the stresses and strains of a long day. It is a room that does not need to be shared with the whole family, meaning it is an intensely personal space just for you.
Choosing the correct bedroom storage solutions can really transform the room from a cluttered sleeping area into a multi-functional space for dressing, reading and working. Here are just some of the ways to make the most of your bedroom as a useful space for more than just sleeping.

Having a walk-in wardrobe is a dream for many men and women. For those who love fashion or just love to be organised, this option provides a dedicated space in which you can get ready for the day, or night, ahead. With illuminated LED drawers and motion sensors, everything works around you. 

Books provide the ultimate means of escape and adventure as you explore other worlds within their pages. By choosing a bespoke bookcase you create a thoughtful space to go to read and recharge. Photo albums can be stored here too, giving you easy access to memories of your happiest moments. 

A personalised desk space can give you a place to work and learn. Shape and functionality can be tailored to your needs to include lockable cabinets for important documents, or open shelves for a printer. By creating a flexible work space in your bedroom, you integrate your work into one of the most intimate parts of your home. 
Whether you have a contemporary style or more traditional interior, your bedroom is a personal space that should be designed around you with matching furniture and increased functionality. Have fun designing a bespoke bedroom that is a flexible and useful space for more than just sleeping.Bedrooms are for more than just sleeping.