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A stylish space for the Modern Man photo

A stylish space for the Modern Man

Published - 18 Oct 2016
Men’s fashion and style has never been so popular. Instead of just throwing on any suit and tie, men are taking more care in what they wear. So for the ultra-stylish, modern man, we’ve designed the perfect functional and sophisticated bedroom.

At one
A stylish space has to be harmonious. An easy way to achieve this is by using the same finish across all your bedroom furniture. From the headboard to the bedside tables, the chest of drawers to the wardrobe doors, utilising the same finish will result in a clean and minimal look in your Modern Man cave.


It’s all in the detail 
Customisation is another ideal element for a modern space. A Modern Man’s wardrobe should accommodate all his fashionable needs. Wardrobe accessories are endless and you can choose exactly what you want and how much of it, you want. Shallow shelves can store folded shirts and t-shirts while wire baskets can hide folded bed linen, towels or even act as a basket for dirty laundry. Shoe shelves and shoe racks, belt and tie hangers, as well as trousers, hangers will give all of your cherished pieces a specific place of their own, keeping your wardrobe organised and the bedroom clean for the ultimate Modern Man’s cave. 

Dark accents 
Dark, wooden finishes are the perfect complement for a modern, masculine room. A lightweight, melamine chipboard is the most convenient finish for your bedroom furniture and sliding wardrobe doors because of the ease of maintenance and endless aesthetic options. Textures such as the Kronospan Elm Gamaret Dark or Ash Sicily Dark are our recommended choices for a stylish, masculine aesthetic.


High-tech functionality 
From swanky, sounds systems and fingerprint door locks, to transparent TV’s and unrecognisable storage, a Modern Man’s space should have all the right gadgets. Innovations in sliding door systems have come a long way and sliding doors with Comfort Touch technology are the best option. Unlike traditional pull-out doors or the bifold alternative, sliding doors take up no space and create a sleek, seamless look within a room.
Whether you’re looking to revamp your son’s bedroom for his entrance into adulthood, you’re a young man who’s just started in the corporate world and needs a new wardrobe to cater for your new fashion pieces, or you’re just looking for a sophisticated refresh, this Modern Man makeover will offer functionality, sophistication and style.