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8 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter and More Spacious Small Bedroom photo

8 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter and More Spacious Small Bedroom

Published - 11 Dec 2014
The truth is that almost no one likes confined spaces, especially when it comes to bedrooms. However, everybody is not lucky enough to have a bedroom as spacious as they desire, but it surely does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. There are many fine tweakings that can result in a room appearing more spacious and airy than it actually is. So, here you are with 8 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter and More Spacious Small Bedroom.
1 Go light and bright

This is perhaps the simplest yet the most effective way of adding virtual spaciousness in a room; going light and bright. Just make sure to pick light and airy hues in as many places as you can in your bedroom rather than choosing dark hues. It will make your room bright and more open. 
2 Storage savvy bed

Yet another great way of exploiting small space of your bedroom! Most bedrooms, especially the smaller ones, have the bed as the biggest piece of furniture within them. So, you can choose from a huge range of storage beds available in the market nowadays to make sure that you do not need to buy standalone storage units taking up extra floor space in your room. 
3 Skirting out

If you do not want people to peek into your makeshift under-bed storage arrangements, a little tweaking in your bedroom decor ideas can help you with this. Just add a skirt around your bed’s side panels to keep your storage hideout hidden and undisturbed. 
4 Multipurpose nightstand

You can be tricky with your nightstands to end up with not only a beautiful surface for showcasing your night lamps, but also having a combo of small storage compartments arranged vertically just by your bedside to take advantage of. Multipurpose nightstands surely help you with adornment as well as storage in a small bedroom space. 
5 Mirror the magic 

Mirrors can be very handy in adding to the illusion of space in a small spaced bedroom. Find a convenient place for a couple of mirrors in your bedroom other than the dresser set to help them reflect the light and imagery, making it appear bigger and brighter. Mirrors opposite the window are especially helpful in spreading the light across every nook and corner of the room. 
6 Tweaking storage

Gone are the days when every master bed had to have a headboard. A little tweaking with your storage can help you amazingly in saving space for your small bedroom. Instead of going with conventional tall headboard, which would only serve as  a waste of some valued vertical space in this case, you can have a custom shelving fixed up the wall on top of your bed, bestowing you with not only another centrepiece, but also with much of storage space to take advantage of. 
7 Vertical is the way to go

Indeed, vertical is the way to go in a bedroom with confined space. If you still need more storage space or simply want to free some floor space in your sleeping den, you can have a tall nightstand in addition to floating side tables, fixed to the wall on an appropriate height. 
8 Walls and Wardrobes

Another way to create space illusions in your bedroom is to efficiently utilize your walls and wardrobes. If you paint your walls in vertical strips then you will come to know that walls are appearing to be longer than normal and it seems that you have a high roof. Secondly, with fitted wardrobes, you may play efficiently and save the space. Instead of using the standard size wardrobes you must use made to measure wardrobes with sliding doors as it saves the foot area. You can also convert the sliding door into a mirror which will look contemporary, will be a usable and practical thing and will create a space illusion as well. 

You can make up for the lost space in your bedroom, but only if you want to. Follow these tips to enjoy a brighter and airy bedroom.

Written by Jayme David