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7 Space-saving tips to de-clutter your bedroom photo

7 Space-saving tips to de-clutter your bedroom

Published - 03 Jul 2014
Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary – but it is far too easy to let clutter and mess build up, turning your journey to bed into an obstacle course of odd shoes, dirty laundry, and discarded belts. 
The only way to rid yourself of clutter permanently is to create designated spaces for your odds and ends. Whether you are designing your fitted bedroom wardrobe or updating an existing closet area, consider using a few of these wardrobe accessories to maximise your storage space and keep your sanctuary clutter free!
1. Add drawers inside your wardrobe

The ultimate space savers. Hide away accessories, underwear, or just general bits and bobs. Then just close the drawer, shut the wardrobe door and forget all about them. A great short term solution to mess. 
2. Keep a small in-closet laundry bag

No one wants to keep a bag of old laundry in their room, but if you include a small canvas laundry bag inside your wardrobe, you have a convenient place to put yesterday’s clothes without putting them on show for visitors to see. 
3. Include rails for belts and ties

Add instant sophistication to your wardrobe by adding in a few hanging rails for belts and ties. To save even more space, have these rails fitted in the inside of your wardrobe door. No more excuses for wearing a creased tie to work!
4. Choose sliding wardrobe doors 

The perfect wardrobe is functional and sleek. Sliding doors are easy to use, and use a minimal amount of space whether they are open or closed. 
5. Fit a shoe rack or shoe shelves

Keep scruffy shoes out of sight, and store posh heels for a special occasion. A shoe rack is best for everyday use, as the shoes are displayed and easy to grab in a rush. Shoe shelves can be stacked to accommodate larger shoe collections – if you have a collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw, you can even have a bespoke compartment in your wardrobe for shoes alone.
6. Add shelves of varying depth

Wire shelves are great for holding smaller items of clothing such as socks and scarves. But they can also be a great place to store an iron, a shoe horn, spare hangers or any other useful items. Choose shelves in a variety of different depths to give yourself even more storage options. 
7. Get hanging poles made to measure

Every wardrobe comes with hanging poles, but they are not always in the optimum position. Choose hanging poles which correspond with the items in your wardrobe. For instance, if you have some evening gowns, you may need a higher pole to accommodate the length. Alternatively, shorter people may prefer a slightly lower pole which is more easily reached. In bigger wardrobes, consider having two or more poles in different heights.