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7 hacks for keeping a well-organised walk-in wardrobe photo

7 hacks for keeping a well-organised walk-in wardrobe

Published - 14 Sep 2016
If you've invested in a beautiful walk-in or sliding wardrobe, you'll want to make sure the interior looks as beautiful as its sleek and clean exterior lines. Here are some of our favourite hacks for making the most of your new space.
Use space savers
Drawer organisers are a fantastic investment and can keep your delicates beautifully organised. Pair up socks and ball them together to avoid frantic searching of a morning, place co-ordinating items together in compartments and get rid of anything that no longer fits, or you no longer love. You can also make your own dividers by recycling boxes, cutting them to height and covering them in beautiful paper for something truly unique.

Create a jewellery wall on your interior door
A framed display board can be hacked with small hooks, attached to the back of your wardrobe door, and used to hang jewellery for a space saving solution.
Store scarves
Loosely knot scarves along a hanger base for a space saving solution that also shows off your pretty accessories to their best.
Scented hangers
Buy scented liners or make wardrobe sachets filled with dried lavender or rose, or infused with natural essential oils for a wonderful fragrance every time you open the door.
If you've bought a beautiful new bedroom wardrobe solution, you won't want to automatically fill it with all of your original junk! Do a thorough clean-out and be honest about whether you have worn each item recently, and whether you love it. If the answer is no, pass it to a charity shop for someone else to use. If you aren't sure, pack these items away separately for three months and if you still haven't worn them, they can go the same way without regret!
Clear shoe boxes
Buy perspex shoe boxes to stack your favourite occasional shoes, or take a Polaroid of them and place them onto the exterior of an original box to save time. All shoes should be stored in bags or boxes to preserve them.
Invest in good hangers
Use velvet covered or padded wooden hangers to preserve the shape of your clothes and prevent strappy sleeves from slipping off. Throw out any old fashioned metal hangers which are ultimately damaging, and horrible to look at!