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6 tips to safely store last seasons clothing photo

6 tips to safely store last seasons clothing

Published - 08 Nov 2016
As the morning’s turn fresh and the chill in the air starts to sting your cheeks, it’s time to flip your wardrobe and replace the flowy dresses and t-shirts with winter coats and wooly sweaters. Although it may seem appealing to just through last season’s clothing to the back of the wardrobe and forget about it until next year, it’s important to store clothes properly to prevent mould, moth holes and even discoloration. Here’s 6 tips for storing last season’s clothing.
Wash everything first
There is nothing that moths or bacteria love more than bad smells, dirt and the remnants of food. So give all your summer clothing a good wash and make sure they are completely dry before storing them away in your wardrobe.
Avoid plastic bags
Plastic can trap the moisture inside of the mag and the buildup can cause the fibres to stain your clothes. This means no plastic shopping bags and if you have anything dry cleaned, be sure to take it out of the plastic bag it’s returned in before storing it away.
Invest in sealed storage
Sealable storage boxes, vacuum seal bags and cotton garment bags are a great way to keep your clothes safe and protected. Although the initial investment might be a little daunting, the money you save from not having to buy new clothes every summer will most certainly make up for it!
Keep your clothes smelling fresh
By laying your clothes as flat as possible, you can avoid wrinkle damage. You can also place scented tissue papers or dryer sheets in between each item of clothing to keep them smelling fresh for next year.
Use moth repellents to protect your clothes from holes
If you are using storage boxes, be sure to pop a natural moth repellent, such as lavender bags or cedar wood, into the box as well to deter moths from munching little holes in your clothing. 
Clever storage
We won’t deny that these processes may be a little more time consuming than the ‘deal-with-it-later’ option, however if you are going to go to all the effort to protect your clothing then it’s nice to have somewhere beautiful to store them. Sliding Wardrobe World have an endless range of storage solutions and custom wardrobe accessories that will protect last season’s clothing and beautifully show off this seasons cherished items