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5 winter fashion trends and how to hang them photo

5 winter fashion trends and how to hang them

Published - 15 Nov 2016
Winter is the most fashionable season in the UK. From trench coats to Chelsea boots, winter is the time when the Moncler’s get their rightful position back at the front of the wardrobe and the Burberry pattern becomes a blanket for every second persons’ neck. A study by high street fashion brand, Simply Be found that in the UK, people spend three times more on their winter wardrobes than they do during summer. But, after spending so much money on clothing, are people actually taking care of their new, fashionable investments? Here’s five of the most popular luxury winter purchases and how you should hang them in your wardrobe.

A thick, warm coat is an essential during the British winter. Whether it’s a trench coat, overcoat, topcoat, duffel, parker, pea coat or puffer, the hanging rods in your wardrobe should be at the right height so that your coat isn’t touching the wardrobes floor. Pull down hangers are ideal for floor-to-ceiling wardrobes as your items can be kept safe but also easily accessible via the pull-down mechanism. Depending on your jacket, coat protectors will also keep dust, moths and other bacteria from tarnishing your coats’ fabric.

In the recent study conducted by Simply Be, the most popular purchase for Winter was a new pair of boots. Shoe racks and shelves are the best way to maintain organisation in your wardrobe as well as keep your boots clean and pristine. Shoe racks with inbuilt moulds will also hold your shoes structure and refrain the suede or leather from compressing or creasing.

Cashmere sweater
Wardrobes aren’t just for hanging. Shelving, pull-out drawers and wire baskets are also ideal storage solutions for modern sliding wardrobes. For items such as cashmere and wool sweaters that do not necessarily need to be hung, these drawers are ideal. Maintaining organisation and keeping your sweaters safe from dust mites, pull-out drawers are a must-have wardrobe accessory.

Did you know that there is such thing as a trouser hanger? Don’t worry, I didn’t long ago either! A genius invention, trouser hangers offer a dedicated space for up to eight pairs of pants and the rods are equipped with non-slip rubber so that they don’t slide off.

They might be called belt and tie hangers but these curved rods are just as ideal for your favourite scarves. Mounted to the side walls of your wardrobe, these hangers take up little space but provide a much needed service. Accommodating approximately 11 ties and/or scarves and six belts, the hangers also fully extend for easy accessibility and use in extremely narrow spaces.