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5 tips to make your furniture more stylish and less boring! photo

5 tips to make your furniture more stylish and less boring!

Published - 30 Mar 2017
Furniture doesn't have to be boring to be practical. There are so many stylish interior design ideas and simple DIY changes you can make to your bedroom furniture, and so many things you should bear in mind when picking new items if you want them to really complete a room. Try some of the ideas below and see how quickly you can transform your bedroom.
1. Be clever with lighting
Make dark corners look instantly bigger by directing light towards them. If you have dark modern items of furniture, you can make them work by teaming them with light walls and plenty of interior lighting. The right lights with dark items can actually create an overall feel of luxury and elegance.  
2. Be storage savvy
Don't clutter your room with too much furniture as you'll shrink the space. Instead, invest in a wardrobe with clever storage spaces tucked away inside - from shoe racks to drawers with tiny compartments for ties. 

3. Make a statement
If you're looking for new furniture, make your wardrobe the centrepiece of the room. Try picking something that stands out and makes a statement. Modern or vintage - go for something bold and work the room around that. 
4. Work with the space around you 
Not one for bold moves? Go for the more subtle sliding wardrobes - keep them simple and plain and it allows you to do more with the space around you (we're thinking bold, patterned wallpapers teamed with bright paints).

5. Add new accessories and handles 
Bored of your furniture but can't bring yourself to change it yet? Check out the range of wardrobe accessories available and try changing some of the handles on your drawers and wardrobes. This is such a simple change and now there are so many options to choose from. You can modernise your wardrobe with stylish square knobs or make it quirky with other designs.
Furniture doesn't have to be boring, so whether you're looking to change it or spruce up your current set, try some of the ideas above and see where it takes you.