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5 things to remember when building your own home photo

5 things to remember when building your own home

Published - 27 Jun 2016
Having the opportunity to build your own home is something most people can only dream of. However, creating a custom-designed house from scratch is a long and complicated process. The last thing you want to do is spend all of that time and money, only to move in and find that you’ve forgotten something important. If you’re about to start your own build or are currently in the process of completing one, check out our list of five essentials no new home should be without. 


1) Storage 
It’s always a good idea to have more storage than you think you’ll need, as a built-in bookshelf, dressing unit or walk-in wardrobe can help keep clutter out of your living space, while giving your home a bespoke, custom look. Consider key storage areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and children’s bedrooms and start early - custom-built storage units can be created using the house plans alone. 
2) Lighting 
Many first-time builders underestimate the importance of lighting. Natural light should be the main source of light in each room, so add a few extra skylights, glass doors, windows or even light tubes. 
3) Utility room 
Many homeowners plan for a utility room, but the location it should be in depends entirely on its use. If you need a mudroom, next to the garage is the best area to contain mess, while pantry storage should be in the kitchen and a laundry room might be better suited to the top floor, where clothes can be easily transported to closets. 
4) Sockets and faucets 
While your plans will already include switches and outlets, many builds now include outlets in more unusual areas. Outside sockets and faucets can make it easier to hang Christmas lights and water the garden, while sockets inside your bedside table and utility closet are perfect for charging phones and cordless vacuum cleaners. 
5) Plan for your pets
Finally, if you have pets, make sure you design a special nook for your four-legged friends. It will help to keep the mess and chaos in one area and provide ample storage for any accessories, food or toys.