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5 Fathers Day gift ideas for the retired dad photo

5 Fathers Day gift ideas for the retired dad

Published - 15 Jun 2016
1. Gardening kit
Newly retired dads often complain about having too much time on their hands and not knowing what to do with themselves. Give your dad a nudge towards a new and rewarding hobby with a gardening kit. It's up to you what you include (you could go with some basic tools and/or a variety of seeds you think he'd like), just make sure it isn't too intimidating as that could put him off trying.

2. Coffee machine
Gone are the days when your dad had to make do with a cup of instant coffee in the morning before work because he didn’t have time for anything else. If he likes, he can now get up at his own pace and enjoy a leisurely breakfast - and nothing says ‘leisurely’ like a freshly brewed cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Get him a coffee machine, show him how to use it, and his long mornings will seem so much more enjoyable.

3. Custom desk
After retirement, your dad will inevitably be at home more, and he’ll appreciate a place of his own where he can comfortably work on his hobbies or do necessary paperwork. A custom made desk is the ideal solution for this as it will fit perfectly into whichever room he wants and can be constructed at the ideal height for his tasks. Leading makers such as Komandor or Proform offer desks made from top quality materials, and in a huge range of styles, made to your exact specifications and your dad's need.

4. BBQ tools
This gift idea has the potential to benefit both of you! Many dads love being the king of the BBQ grill during the spring and summer, and he can become a serious chef with the right tools. With a BBQ tool kit, your dad will enjoy playing with his new 'toys' and you can enjoy eating everything he makes! 

5. Day out
It can be tough finding the time to spend with your dad when you have work and other responsibilities to juggle. And a lack of quality time together will be even more noticeable to your retired dad, as he has more time on his hands than when you were growing up. You can remedy this a little on Father’s Day by giving him the gift of you - buy two tickets to an event he’ll enjoy so you can spend some time together. Some possible ideas include tickets to a football match, a fishing trip, tickets to a music gig and a weekend away camping.