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4 places in your home that could become storage heaven photo

4 places in your home that could become storage heaven

Published - 02 Nov 2016
How many people have you heard say that their house has “too much storage”? None, right? That’s because there is no such thing! Particularly in modern home design, simplicity and cleanliness are key features which mean that everything needs to be stored away and out of sight. Here, we reveal four spaces in your home that could be transformed into storage heaven.

An empty corner
Using a system known as the Lazuryt aluminium profile, Sliding Wardrobes Worlds’ Komandor-designed corner sliding wardrobes hold in place via a magnet places inside of the frame. Instantly converting dead space into useful, accessible storage, these corner sliding wardrobes are genius.

Angled ceilings
A lot of British, Victorian townhouses have slanted roofs and therefore angled ceilings which can make storage a little more complicated. However, Sliding Wardrobes World can customise any wardrobe door design to work with angled ceilings in attics or underneath staircases. Customisation and made-to-measure interior components will make the most out of any awkward space!
Dead space
In modern homes, large living areas are also extremely popular. However, you do want to be able to define spaces and potentially offer some privacy to a formal dining or living area. Freestanding wardrobes are a great way to create a divide between spaces while also serving a purpose. Another advantage of these wardrobes is that they can easily be reassembled and transferred to another room or new home.

Above door storage
We aren’t all fortunate enough to have endless amounts of space, and sometimes wardrobes and entry doors have to be on the same wall. Now, you can turn this dilemma into a positive as Sliding Wardrobe World experts can also fit storage with sliding or hinged doors above the entry way to your living space or bedroom. 
There is no such thing as too much storage, so if you’re struggling to find where to put your linens or a fed up with putting clothes in storage boxes under the bed, take a look at Sliding Wardrobes World’s endless storage solutions!