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Design Inspiration

Mocca by Komandor a new range of wardrobe accessories. photo
Published - 28 Nov 2017
Key to well-organized wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe lies in well planned interior design, where we have enough hanging height space for short as well as long clothes like shirts, blouses, trousers or evening dresses.....  Read more
Take your home's interiors on a trip to Japan photo
Published - 13 Oct 2017
Not only are Japanese-inspired interiors endlessly stylish, they also offer the ultimate in uncluttered, space-saving ideas. Property in large cities like Tokyo comes at a premium, and so many people live in apartments that are minuscule in terms of square footage. This is why interior design in Japan focuses on minimal design along with clever features to maximise space. So which of these design features can you use in your own home?  Read more
Bedrooms are for more than just sleeping photo
Published - 02 May 2017
When we think of a bedroom, the obvious purpose of the space is as a place for us to sleep, however for some people a bedroom is much more than that. A bedroom can provide a place to relax, a private sanctuary to retreat to after the stresses and strains of a long day. It is a room that does not need to be shared with the whole family, meaning it is an intensely personal space just for you.  Read more
How a minimal bedroom can help you to sleep better photo
Published - 19 Apr 2017
For anyone who struggles with getting to sleep and staying asleep, the stress that comes with not sleeping can make sleeplessness a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you stress about how much sleep you're getting, the worse you sleep, which only adds to your stress levels, which  Read more
5 tips to make your furniture more stylish and less boring! photo
Published - 30 Mar 2017
Furniture doesn't have to be boring to be practical. There are so many stylish interior design ideas and simple DIY changes you can make to your bedroom furniture, and so many things you should bear in mind when picking new items if you want them to really complete a room. Try some of the ideas below and see how quickly you can transform your bedroom.  Read more
Storage solutions for microspaces photo
Published - 24 Mar 2017
With the growing price of housing and the crowded nature of city living, for many young professionals and families, living and thriving in small spaces has become the norm. With a whole life to fit into such a minimal space, it's no wonder that it's easy to feel claustrophobic and cluttered in your own home.  Read more
The biggest interior trends of 2017 photo
Published - 15 Mar 2017
Looking for the latest trends in interior design? Wondering how to bring your home up to date? Read on for a quick look at the biggest trends that are emerging already.  Read more
What do I wear? photo
Published - 21 Dec 2016
Male or female, office worker or retail assistant, it seems that we all face one particular problem each morning, ‘what to wear’. After checking our weather apps, having a quick glance out the window and looking blankly at our wardrobes for who-knows-how-many-minutes, a new study has revealed that we spend an average of 17 minutes per day deciding what to wear.  Read more
The hottest trend in wardrobe design photo
Published - 16 Dec 2016
Customisation is the newest and trendiest concept in wardrobe design today. As a unique and personal investment that will determine the way you dress for many years, it is important that your wardrobe design suits you, your lifestyle and your fashion style.....  Read more
Living the small life photo
Published - 06 Dec 2016
As urban and city living is clearly becoming the way of the future, it’s vital that we figure out how to cooperate, organise and store in small spaces. Here are a few storage ideas for those living small life.....
  Read more
Get inspired! photo
Published - 30 Nov 2016
Organising your wardrobe is one of those jobs that comes with a variety of emotions. There’s the initial inspiration and craving for a clean slate, followed by the dread of sifting through thousands of pieces of clothing. Then there comes the guilt as you discover the numerous pieces that still have their tags attached, and then the sorrow that overwhelms you as you turn around to see overflowing garbage bags have taken over your bedroom floor.  Read more
5 winter fashion trends and how to hang them photo
Published - 15 Nov 2016
Winter is the most fashionable season in the UK. From trench coats to Chelsea boots, winter is the time when the Moncler’s get their rightful position back at the front of the wardrobe and the Burberry pattern becomes a blanket for every second persons’ neck. A study by high street fashion brand, Simply Be found that in the UK, people spend three times more on their winter wardrobes than they do during summer.  Read more
6 tips to safely store last seasons clothing photo
Published - 08 Nov 2016
As the morning’s turn fresh and the chill in the air starts to sting your cheeks, it’s time to flip your wardrobe and replace the flowy dresses and t-shirts with winter coats and wooly sweaters. Although it may seem appealing to just through last season’s clothing to the back of the wardrobe and forget about it until next year, it’s important to store clothes properly to prevent mould, moth holes and even discoloration. Here’s 6 tips for storing last season’s clothing.  Read more
Walk-in vs sliding door wardrobes photo
Published - 04 Nov 2016
ou see them in all the Hollywood movies … over-the-top, luxurious walk-in wardrobes that have remote-controlled drawers and are the size of a large bathroom. Remember that scene in Princess Diaries 2 when she compares her new closet to her “own shopping mall”? What about Carrie Bradshaw’s remodeled walk-in in the Sex in the City movie?  Read more
4 places in your home that could become storage heaven photo
Published - 02 Nov 2016
How many people have you heard say that their house has “too much storage”? None, right? That’s because there is no such thing! Particularly in modern home design, simplicity and cleanliness are key features which mean that everything needs to be stored away and out of sight. Here, we reveal four spaces in your home that could be transformed into storage heaven.  Read more
5 tips for a stress free life (aka, organised wardrobe) photo
Published - 25 Oct 2016
It’s 8:45am and your heart starts to beat a little faster, your cheeks are burning and you can already envision the piercing eyes of your boss glaring at you as you walk into the office late, once again. Yesterday you couldn’t find a pair of black trousers and today you were blaming the washing machine for eating all your socks!  Read more
A stylish space for the Modern Man photo
Published - 18 Oct 2016
Men’s fashion and style has never been so popular. Instead of just throwing on any suit and tie, men are taking more care in what they wear. So for the ultra-stylish, modern man, we’ve designed the perfect functional and sophisticated bedroom.  Read more
How to interpret Pantone’s colour of the year into your home photo
Published - 11 Oct 2016
Pantones’ Colours of the Year 2016, Serenity and Rose Quartz, are inviting shades that embody tranquillity and inner peace. In a modern world where stress and anxiety are common experiences, people are craving an environment where they feel secure and at ease. Here’s a basic idea of how to implement this year’s PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity and PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz, into a modern bedroom design.  Read more
Wardrobe Accessories that will change everything photo
Published - 20 Sep 2016
Wardrobe accessories and customisation provides so much more variety than many people know. Forget the frustration with tripping over loose ties on the bedroom floor or having to frantically re-iron a pair of trousers before work; these wardrobe accessories will make all your storage dreams come true!  Read more
Keeping your kids organised with sliding features photo
Published - 16 Sep 2016
Children's bedrooms are inundated with an ever-growing array of miscellaneous 'stuff', and you might find it difficult for them to say goodbye to it. The day to day collection of things is integral to a child's curiosity - they will find interesting items wherever they are, and will make them at school.  Read more
7 hacks for keeping a well-organised walk-in wardrobe photo
Published - 14 Sep 2016
If you've invested in a beautiful walk-in or sliding wardrobe, you'll want to make sure the interior looks as beautiful as its sleek and clean exterior lines. Here are some of our favourite hacks for making the most of your new space.  Read more
Decorating your child's room before they go back to school photo
Published - 23 Aug 2016
The summer holidays have only just begun but it won't be long until the kids are back in the classroom. The next few weeks are a great time to design your child’s bedroom and get it set up before their next year at school. Here are some things you may want to think about before getting started:  Read more
Make your sliding wardrobes a design feature photo
Published - 18 Aug 2016
Once upon a time sliding wardrobes were no more than a functional piece of furniture, an innocuous door front that blended into the bedroom. Now, it’s time to look at sliding wardrobes in an entirely new light and view them as an alternative to a feature wall. They can be so much more exciting and innovative than a solid bold colour painted onto the wall or a wallpaper design.  Read more
Out with the old and in with the new for this Bournville family photo
Published - 03 Aug 2016
Home improvements are very popular among British homeowners as families desire an updated, modern interior while maintaining the beauty and authenticity of their traditional facades. Such was the case for family from Bournville, Birmingham.  Read more
Five design elements of a modern home photo
Published - 02 Aug 2016
Whether you are building a new home, planning extensive renovations or thinking about giving your existing home a minor face-lift, modern design is a very popular choice among today’s homeowners. From neutral colours to clean lines and seamless integration, modern design embraces minimalist, accessory-free spaces, raw materials and a serene lifestyle. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever dreamed of, here are 5 simple ways to achieve it!  Read more
Storing your TV in style photo
Published - 18 Jul 2016
It's a very common tale when it comes to interior design. You've spent weeks or even months planning and delivering a beautifully designed living space which gives you a great deal of pride in your home. Then, as you've finished all the painting and decorating, and begin to move and arrange all of your possessions in the room...  Read more
How to choose the right colour for your bedroom photo
Published - 12 Jul 2016
When it comes to interior design, there are few rooms more important than the bedroom. It is a place of comfort and rest, your very own retreat, so how do you get your colour scheme just right? Read our colour selection tips to help you make up your mind.  Read more
How to give your bedroom a hotel-chic look photo
Published - 05 Jul 2016
Our bedrooms are places to relax, recharge and chill out – and so a chic, stylish look that’s restful and sophisticated is a must. Boutique hotels do this kind of bedroom styling better than anyone, but it’s actually an easy look to achieve at home. Follow these tips and tricks, and you’ll be guaranteed....  Read more
5 things to remember when building your own home photo
Published - 27 Jun 2016
Having the opportunity to build your own home is something most people can only dream of. However, creating a custom-designed house from scratch is a long and complicated process. The last thing you want to do is spend all of that time and money, only to move in and find that you’ve forgotten something important.  Read more
Space-saving hallway wardrobe solutions photo
Published - 21 Jun 2016
Your hallway is one of the first things which guests and other visitors see, so it makes sense to spend time ensuring it looks as inviting as possible. Unfortunately, hallways can all too easily become repositories for clutter! Coats, shoes, umbrellas, walking accessories, sports equipment and....  Read more
5 Fathers Day gift ideas for the retired dad photo
Published - 15 Jun 2016
Father's Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the inevitable head-scratching regarding gifts. But never fear, as we're here to help - if your dad's retired, here are five gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face.
  Read more
Choose Komandor sliding wardrobes when redecorating your bedroom photo
Published - 09 Jun 2016
It’s always refreshing to change things around in the bedroom, and sliding wardrobes can be a welcome contemporary addition, creating more floor space and giving the impression that your room is actually bigger than it is!
  Read more
Custom made wardrobes, and other ways to upscale your house  photo
Published - 25 May 2016
There are a number of things you can do to upscale your property. Some, of course, are more drastic and expensive than others. So it’s important you carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each option before taking the plunge.
  Read more
Simple ideas to make your house a dream home photo
Published - 18 May 2016
Do you ever fantasise about owning your dream home one day in the distant future? Why not do your best to upgrade the one you have now? Have a think about these simple ideas for turning your current property into the dream home you've always wanted.  Read more
Choosing the right material for your sliding wardrobe photo
Published - 09 May 2016
Our sliding wardrobes come in a wide range of different finishes. What’s more, because our wardrobes are custom-made, we can create any design using the material of your choice. But which type of material should you choose for your finish?  Read more
Why you should consider a built-in sliding door office solution photo
Published - 03 May 2016
Many of us don't have the luxury of an extra room in the home that can be used exclusively as an office, and we don't relish the idea of wires, computer peripherals and documents sitting in the corner of a room.
  Read more
How to style a period home and make the most of the space available photo
Published - 26 Apr 2016
Owning an older property, with charm, character and instant personality, is what so many of us aspire to. However, deciding how to decorate your period property can be a tough decision. You don’t want to feel like you are living in a museum....  Read more
Transform your child's bedroom with a new wardrobe photo
Published - 20 Apr 2016
Children’s bedrooms can be scary places. The trip hazards of discarded toys, the mysterious smells of long-forgotten food… parents can find their young one’s room is a place where visitors are not allowed.  Read more
Turn that boxroom into a walk-in wardrobe photo
Published - 13 Apr 2016
You might think that walk-in wardrobes are the preserve of the rich and famous, but if you have a boxroom that sits unloved and full of junk, you have the potential to give your garments room to breathe and to create the dressing room of your dreams.  Read more
Transform your loft with light colours and savvy storage photo
Published - 07 Apr 2016
If you're converting your loft, it's time for it to be transformed from a dumping ground to a fabulous space. The key to kitting out any good loft conversion is to ensure your new room has a spacious feel. To do that, you need smart storage solutions.  Read more
Give your hotel a fresh look this spring photo
Published - 29 Mar 2016
If you're a hotel, guest house or spa owner looking to freshen up your business, give your rooms a make-over this spring. There are number of hot, new trends in interior design to bear in mind, and most of them have travelled from the catwalk.  Read more
How Komandor sliding doors can increase the value of your property photo
Published - 21 Mar 2016
Some cultures, such as the Japanese, have been using sliding doors for centuries; they are part of their culture. Not that these wooden frames, often with rice paper acting as screens, compare with the state of the art modern materials used by Komandor.  Read more
Four of the best spring cleaning tips photo
Published - 14 Mar 2016
There's something about the days getting longer and flowers starting to bloom that makes us just itch to start on a proper spring clean of our homes - we've got four top tips for the best spring clean ever  Read more
Which room should you prioritise when buying sliding door storage solutions? photo
Published - 04 Mar 2016
Sliding door storage solutions (such as our range of sliding wardrobes) are an amazing way to free up space in every room of your home. However, installing sliding wardrobes in all your rooms would require a significant investment. While we endeavour to ensure our prices are always reasonable, we understand that not everyone can afford to have our wardrobes and storage units installed everywhere simultaneously.  Read more
Safety first with sliding door storage photo
Published - 29 Feb 2016
Wardrobes and storage cupboards with sliding doors are perfect for rooms which need to maximise all available space, so they are an obvious choice in the bedroom of a little one. With toys, clothes, books and more to squeeze into a bedroom...  Read more
The many advantages of custom-made wardrobes photo
Published - 23 Feb 2016
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we craft all our sliding wardrobes and storage solutions according to our customers’ specifications. Each of our wardrobes is unique because each of our customers is unique; 
  Read more
Invest in super storage beds from Sliding Wardrobes World photo
Published - 18 Feb 2016
Once you’ve invested in one of Sliding World’s high quality built-in sliding wardrobes, you’ll no doubt want to complete the look with our furniture range, which is not only stylish but in many cases, full of practical storage space.  Read more
Space-saving wardrobe accessories can help you store your clothes more efficiently photo
Published - 12 Feb 2016
Our sliding wardrobes are ideal storage solutions for more compact homes because they are incredibly space-efficient. However, you may not realise that you can use the space inside your wardrobe even more efficiently by equipping it with the right accessories.  Read more
Create a stylish and efficient kitchen space with bespoke storage photo
Published - 04 Feb 2016
The kitchen is the hub of any home and often the owner's pride and joy, a place where you can put your own style and ideas into practise after years of renting. As it's a room to be used daily, it's important to make the most of the space so that it's ideal for families to prepare food and sit down for quality meal times.  Read more
Case study - fitted wardrobe and another satisfied customer!  photo
Published - 26 Jan 2016
We were as delighted as the customer was with the end result on a recent challenging but really rewarding job we did. 
What was interesting about this one was that the customer asked for a bespoke, made to order fitted wardrobe with traditional hinged doors, but with a modern twist!
  Read more
From hall of shame to clutter-free haven! photo
Published - 21 Jan 2016
The hallway, as the entrance to your home, is the area which makes the first impression on friends and family coming to visit. It should be an inviting haven of space and light, with fresh colours and clean lines. Too often, however, the hallway is a clutter-magnet, an area people dump things in on their way to another room.  Read more
Think you haven't got space for a walk-in wardrobe? Think again! photo
Published - 12 Jan 2016
Who doesn't dream of a decadent walk-in wardrobe with endless storage, rail upon rail, floor to ceiling mirrors and shoe-slots galore? For many of us living in modern housing, having a walk-in storage space is just a dream, a luxury for the rich and famous, a fabulous fancy.  Read more
Create a luxury loft bedroom with angled ceiling wardrobes photo
Published - 06 Jan 2016
With sky-high estate agents fees, stamp duty, solicitors fees and other payments to consider, it is little wonder that more and more UK homeowners are now choosing to "improve" instead of "move". Undoubtedly one of the most popular and relatively low-cost ways....  Read more
Are you moving into a new house? Try installing sliding wardrobes! photo
Published - 22 Dec 2015
If you are about to move house or have just moved into a new property, one of the most exciting things you'll be doing is planning how to decorate and furnish your home.....  Read more
How sliding door storage solutions can improve every room in your home photo
Published - 12 Dec 2015
Clean, minimalist aesthetics are very fashionable among today’s home-owners. Having a home that looks modern, uncluttered and spacious is, of course, very desirable. However, it’s not always easy for home-owners to cultivate this aesthetic: the layout of a room....  Read more
Choosing the right sliding wardrobe for your home photo
Published - 02 Dec 2015
Sliding wardrobes are most commonly associated with homes with sleek, modern aesthetics. However, they can actually be incorporated into any style of home.  Read more
Create the illusion of space in a small home  photo
Published - 24 Nov 2015
In an ideal world we'd all live in mansions with all the space in the world to live, sleep, play and store all of our stuff - but for many of us, the house we're in never quite feels big enough.  Read more
How to create a magic space for kids photo
Published - 10 Nov 2015
If the kitchen is the heart of the home, children’s bedrooms should be fun and expressive places where ideally, imagination will have a free rein. It’s a private space where youngsters can play, dream, entertain their friends, and have sleepovers.  Read more
The unsung benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobes photo
Published - 03 Nov 2015
Whether installing them in the bedroom, hallway or any other room in the house, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors can add a range of stylish, practical elements to a room that go beyond the more obvious uses you may be able to imagine.  Read more
Creative ways to have a sliding door wardrobe in your bedroom photo
Published - 28 Oct 2015
When it comes to creating a convenient bedroom storage solution for your home, nothing matches the luxurious elegance of a sliding door wardrobe. Intricately designed in a range of stunning finishes, a sliding wardrobe can blend effortlessly....  Read more
Why sliding door storage solutions are perfect for bathroom photo
Published - 21 Oct 2015
Many people don't have adequate storage space in their bathroom for everything they need, and as a result it becomes messy, untidy, and frustrating for everyone that uses it. So, with that in mind, here's four reasons...  Read more
Walk-in  wardrobes for Concord House in Birmingham photo
Published - 17 Sep 2015
At Sliding Wardrobes World, we can accommodate all kinds of bespoke storage projects, whether you're looking to maximise a small space, or create a big impression. If you'd like a sneak peak at how we are bringing contemporary storage design into new housing...
  Read more
Three stylish bedrooms, Three perfect storage solutions photo
Published - 15 Jul 2015
At our company, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring out the full potential of a room. In one of our recent projects in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield...  Read more
Five years of Sliding Wardrobes World photo
Published - 15 Jun 2015
At Sliding Wardrobes World, we've enjoyed five years of success as a first class supplier of stylish fitted wardrobes, and more recently we've developed a range of top quality bespoke bedroom furniture too.  Read more
Introducing Nebraska oak photo
Published - 13 May 2015
Nebraska oak is a current favourite amongst our customers, and it's easy to see why. This versatile option is a brilliant way of introducing natural wood tones into a room, while still keeping things light and modern - whether you're thinking of installing some made-to-measure sliding wardrobes, or smaller furniture features.  Read more
The perfect walk-in wardrobe photo
Published - 16 Apr 2015
With a walk-in wardrobe, the choices you make with the design, materials and colours of the wardrobe itself really define the atmosphere of the room. A well designed walk-in wardrobe should offer up the perfect space to dress - possessing a calming vibe alongside practical features.  Read more
Bringing style to our customers' homes with walk-in wardrobes photo
Published - 27 Mar 2015
We're all about storage and innovative solutions at Sliding Wardrobes World, and have a strong track record when it come to customer service excellence. We're with our customers every step of the way, from the moment of first contact through to our high quality after-service care.  Read more
Modern sliding door wardrobe in hallway with striking finish photo
Published - 02 Mar 2015
At Sliding Wardrobes World, we’re all about creating the best possible storage solutions, by providing an outstanding service from start to finish; we pride ourselves on our excellent design and detailed fitting services, and on always meeting deadlines.  Read more
A tale of two sliding door wardrobes photo
Published - 19 Feb 2015
A quality wardrobe is all about suiting the feature to the room it is in. But, however simple this might sound, anyone with experience of interior design knows that it takes a lot of skill and experience to get things just right.  Read more
Get inspired by our graphic range of sliding wardrobe doors photo
Published - 29 Jan 2015
We organise all our fitted furniture around you, so you can make the most of whatever storage space you have in your bedroom. Our expert, highly creative team is here to help you as you choose from our wide range of modern sliding door wardrobes.  Read more
How to make the most of your home's unusual storage spaces photo
Published - 15 Jan 2015
It may be your dream home, and you may love the character that the sloped ceiling in your upstairs room creates, but finding furniture to suit unusually shaped storage spaces can seem like a challenge. 
  Read more
8 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter and More Spacious Small Bedroom photo
Published - 11 Dec 2014
The truth is that almost no one likes confined spaces, especially when it comes to bedrooms. However, everybody is not lucky enough to have a bedroom as spacious as they desire, but it surely does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. There are many fine tweakings that can result in a room appearing more spacious and airy than it actually is.  Read more
Make the most of your bedroom with storage beds, bedside tables and sliding wardrobes photo
Published - 03 Dec 2014
Extra storage space can be valuable in any room in the home, but perhaps especially in the bedroom, where a great many items, from clothes and shoes to grooming products and spare bedding are typically kept.  Read more
Tips for oriental room decor with sliding door wardrobe photo
Published - 19 Nov 2014
If you’re considering giving your bedroom an oriental makeover, there are a few items that are crucial to achieving the look. Oriental interior design is all about maximising the use of space...
  Read more
Komandor UK and Sliding Wardrobes World photo
Published - 22 Oct 2014
Located in one of the country’s most desirable places to live, Sutton Coldfield, Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd ( SWW Ltd ) is proud to be one of central England’s most respected and expert custom storage solution consultants.  Read more
New Lazuryt frame colours for aluminium sliding door system photo
Published - 04 Oct 2014
The choices customers can make over our sliding door system has been transformed thanks to a tasteful and inspiring new range of colours to our popular aluminium Lazuryt sliding door frames.  Read more
How to keep clothes static-free this autumn photo
Published - 10 Sep 2014
As summer turns to autumn, it's no surprise that the temperature will start to drop and the weather will start to get worse. It's bad enough that we have to break out a warmer wardrobe, but we have another problem too: static.  Read more
Stone cladding has moved into the 21st century thanks to new technology. photo
Published - 19 Aug 2014
Using state-of-the-art aluminium technology, the art of stone cladding has become a modern day success story. What in the past has been a visual form of decorating a room can now be integrated into a functional storage solution anyone’s lifestyle can benefit from.  Read more
 Increase the value of your home by installing a stylish and contemporary fitted wardrobe. photo
Published - 30 Jul 2014
With the UK economy not only out of the red, but actually bouncing back to pre-crisis levels, Birmingham and West Midland home owners are benefiting from a 5.1% growth in the value of their properties.  Read more
7 Space-saving tips to de-clutter your bedroom photo
Published - 03 Jul 2014
Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary – but it is far too easy to let clutter and mess build up, turning your journey to bed into an obstacle course of odd shoes, dirty laundry, and discarded belts.  Read more
How a contemporary living room design led to a very happy customer photo
Published - 21 May 2014
Here at Sliding Wardrobes World, we often use a John Lennon quote when talking to new customers who are not quite sure if we can deliver what they imagine. He said: “There are no problems, only solutions”. It would also be possible to add a touch of Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”  Read more
Quality over Quantity photo
Published - 28 Apr 2014
With the desire to build a perfect sliding wardrobe our company teamed-up with leaders in the furniture industry to consolidate our sliding door system with the best possible range of door inserts. You may ask what does it mean for You? Well it means a lot.
  Read more
Furniture that combines functionality with design features. photo
Published - 29 Mar 2014
There is always a balance to strike between design and functionality when purchasing furniture for the home. While it should complement the room it serves in terms of aesthetic features, it should also perform its intended role efficiently. The main role of most furniture is to perform a practical function such as the storage of clothes..  Read more
Mirrored sliding wardrobes back in style. photo
Published - 28 Feb 2014
Before you turn your head away and say that mirrors are dated, and need a different approach, take a deep breath. It’s not a secret that mirrors add mystery to the room. Mirrors reflect light making spaces brighter and create a feeling of depth in the room which sometimes is an ideal solution for compact interiors.  Read more
Before buying your dream sliding wardrobe. photo
Published - 29 Jan 2014
Calculating your budget may be a wise move before making the deal. Shop around before making any final decision. Easier said than done? What you should look for ? Before making decision it is advisable to compare prices. Price is important, but it should not be the only factor you consider.
  Read more
 Kitchen worktops types and differences. photo
Published - 29 Dec 2013
When choosing a kitchen or any worktop looks may score highly. However, it is very important to think about what use it is going to get and if the chosen type of material is up to the job. In an ideal world you have to plan for heat, scratching, stains and how easy it is to clean. But it is often hard to tick all the boxes.  Read more
Komandor & ProForm Collaboration! photo
Published - 20 Nov 2013
This is really great news and we are truly excited about it. Komandor has partnered with the ProForm company and together we have created an inclusive range especially for our sliding doors. The ProForm range is only available exclusively for authorized dealers which means you will get only the highest quality products.  Read more